Editors TODO page

Welcome Ethereum wiki editors! This page outlines open tasks and community projects needing contributions. Please review the items below and consider how you can help expand our collective knowledge base.

TODO List:

  • Proofread and fact check recently added articles on [DeFi protocols]
  • Add missing information and links in the [Ethereum Scaling] solutions overview
  • Revise intro sections across the site to achieve clearer and more consistent messaging
  • Recruit editors for specific topic coverage such as [L2 networks] and [blockchain governance]
  • Expand “How To” articles for using Ethereum with concepts for [smart contract security], [gas optimization], and [running a validator node]

Current Community Projects:

  • Create an interactive taxonomy tree classifying all Ethereum projects
  • Translate popular articles into Korean and Spanish versions
  • Produce video overviews explaining key concepts for our YouTube channel
  • Construct an Ethereum timeline documenting major milestones and releases

We greatly appreciate any help with these tasks or suggestions for improving our community knowledge base! Please contact [WikiAdmin] if you have questions or ideas for the Ethereum wiki.

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