Former UK Chancellor Caught in Greensill Lobbying Controversy

Ex-UK Chancellor Faces Lobbying Scandal Involving Greensill Capital

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism Article

David Cameron, the ex-UK Chancellor, was embroiled in a lobbying scandal involving Greensill Capital, a finance company he began advising in 2018. Cameron was accused of exploiting lobbying loopholes to discuss the UK-China Investment fund with the Treasury. Despite the convention that former ministers should not lobby for two years after leaving office, Cameron contacted government ministers, sending messages to Chancellor Rishi Sunak and meeting then Chancellor Philip Hammond twelve months after leaving office.

This scandal is the latest in a series of investigations into Cameron's lobbying efforts. In a published letter, Hammond revealed that Cameron informed him of his plans to create a commercial UK-China fund to invest in innovative and sustainable growth opportunities. However, the meeting did not involve requests nor seek government support or funding.

The lobbying scandal reflects concerns about the risks former politicians pose when they use their influence and access in Westminster to secure business opportunities that stand to benefit them financially.

Cameron has been cleared by an official watchdog of any wrongdoing, though he has admitted that he should have acted differently. The scandal also renews demands regarding the need for increased transparency in rules around lobbyists.

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Lobbying Scandal Involving David Cameron and Greensill Capital

David Cameron, ex-UK Chancellor, found himself embroiled in a lobbying scandal when it emerged that he had potentially exploited lobbying loopholes to discuss a UK-China investment fund with the Treasury. Cameron is accused of lobbying the government to strengthen financing for Greensill Capital, the finance company he advises. Correspondence obtained by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed that Cameron had directly approached ministers to discuss the matter, despite a convention that former ministers should not lobby for two years after leaving office.

Although Cameron denies any wrongdoing, various initiatives have been taken to investigate the claims. The controversy underscores concerns about former politicians using their influence and connections to prioritize businesses they stand to benefit from. Greensill Capital has since lost its government guarantee, resulting in a loss of £440m for 4,000 jobs.


  1. Sky News' coverage of the Greensill scandal and David Cameron's involvement.
  2. The Guardian's reporting of David Cameron's under investigation into the Greensill scandal over lobbying.
  3. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism's expose of Cameron exploiting lobbying loopholes to discuss $1bn China fund with Treasury.

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