Polygon’s Type 1 zkEVM Prover: Seamless zk Rollups for EVM Chains

Polygon Introduces Type 1 zkEVM Prover, Enabling EVM Chains for zk Layer-2 Integration

Polygon (previously Matic Network), an Ethereum scaling protocol, has released a Type 1 zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) prover called zkEVM Type 1. This innovative prover will allow existing EVM-compatible blockchains like Manta, Canto, and Celo to become zk layer-2 solutions without requiring a fork. The new prover, developed under open-source MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses, will be available on GitHub.

The announcement indicates a significant breakthrough for Ethereum's decentralized ecosystem, as the Type 1 zkEVM prover ensures the highest compatibility level with Ethereum, without having to change any part of the blockchain. Open-source zkEVM costs will be reduced, as with the Type 1 prover, Ethereum mainnet blocks will produce zk proofs at an average cost of just $0.002 to $0.003 per transaction. These computational improvements suggest an estimated 35% increase in performance compared to prior methods.

Polygon Labs' Type 1 zkEVM is a substantial part of its Polygon 2.0 roadmap and serves as a public good for the Ethereum ecosystem, removing the need for users and services to maintain a full node. For instance, users will be able to verify zk proofs like in their browsers and benefit from the security guarantees of Ethereum without the hassle of maintaining a node.

Polygon's Type 1 zkEVM rollout is a powerful step in its quest to provide a more interconnected, scalable Ethereum ecosystem by amalgamating networking and technology through its Aggregation layer. This proactive engagement with zero-knowledge cryptography is expected to unlock new opportunities for Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains, making them more capital-efficient and enhancing their overall user experience.


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