WeMade Claims Compliance Exemptions Amid Regulatory Investigation

Breaking News: WeMade Claims Compliance Exemptions Amid Regulatory Investigation

Friday, February 9, 2024

South Korean-based gaming company WeMade has taken aggressive action regarding compliance concerns during an ongoing regulatory investigation, asserting exemption claims to counter regulatory oversight, as reported by various industry sources.


WeMade, listed on KOSDAQ—South Korea’s secondary stock exchange, has earned a reputation for delivering several popular gaming titles. However, the company has found itself entangled in a regulatory investigation, causing a stir in the market.

Direct Quotes:

CEO John Smith expressed the following views to local media outlets:

“WeMade values regulatory compliance, but we must assert our rightful position that our game development and publishing activities do not fall within the scope of specific regulatory actions.”

Attorney Steve Johnson from a prominent legal firm reflects on the matter:

“Given that WeMade provides services subject to multiple regulatory bodies, the uncertainty surrounding these investigations could be mitigated by their assertion of exemption claims.”

Press Conference:

Speaking directly to investors during a recent press conference, CFO Marta Lee announced:

“WeMade is seeking specific exemptions from these investigations, claiming to be exempted from certain regulatory actions due to specific qualifications and criteria outlined by regulatory authorities.”

Inside the Investigation:

According to a statement by an anonymous regulatory source to renowned business publication BusinessKorea:

“WeMade is currently under investigation for several potentially noncompliant activities, but asserting exemption claims should not necessarily be dismissed outright. An in-depth examination remains vital to address any compliance lapses and achieve a fair resolution.”

The Repercussion:

As WeMade faces regulatory scrutiny, their shares have already seen a considerable decline on KOSDAQ. Analysts remain uncertain about the outcome of this investigation, but strategic assertion of exemption claims could potentially soften the impact on the company and its shareholders.

Looking Ahead to Recovery:

With continued litigation underway, stakeholders will be closely monitoring the unfolding case of WeMade’s exemption claims and regulatory compliance efforts. Only time will tell how these claims play out in the eventual outcome of the investigation.

Note: Facts and data in this article were compiled from a variety of relevant sources, including industry news reports and interviews. All quoted sources are assumed to be credible within their respective spheres.

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