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Below To Be Organised

This site is The Ethereum Wiki, NOT That Ethereum Wiki. This site is maintained by the Ethereum community.

There are many other sites that provide great technical information on using the Ethereum technology, including That Ethereum Wiki, and the Github documentation (e.g., Ethereum JavaScript API, Ethereum JSON-RPC) and Ethereum Homestead Documentation. There are also many sites for general and technical chats, like gitter (core devs), reddit (the masses) and slack (the projects).

The aim of this site, at least initially, is to:

  • Provide guides and howtos for a gentle introduction to Ethereum
  • Pull together the various technical resources to guide newcomers to the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Provide examples for easier reading
  • Troubleshooting guides

This site has only just started and will not be publicised generally until the structure of content is worked out.

Please register if you are happy to contribute to the contents. Ideally, please use your normal reddit or slack usernames as we know each other already from these other sites.

Some work in progress, to be sorted:

If there are question you would like answered (that cannot easily be answered on or, please add it to Questions.

See also: Calendar, News, Projects

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. This site aims to guide users through the Ethereum ecosystem. It is very easy to use incorrect information and send your ethers or tokens to an incorrect address. Always double/triple check your information when dealing with your digital assets. No author on this site accepts any responsibility for your mistakes or lack of independent verification.

Quick info:

  • Getting started
    • Testnet
  • Terminology


  • Installing And Running `geth` on the Macbook, Linux, Windows

Detailed info:


  • Blockchain data


Further Resources: Devcon0 and Devcon1 - from

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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